Site Inspections

2017 Bill Rice Tidy Camper Awards



The following are the criteria used for the Site Inspections/Tidy Camper Awards. A First Place Award will be presented to one Guide/Pathfinder Unit, one Scout Troop, and one Offer of Service Section/Unit. A prize for best Theme will also be present.

If there are any questions about the rules / criteria, see the Assistant Camp Chief.


Site Inspections will be done by the Co-op Staff and volunteers during the morning and / or afternoon activities on Saturday. The awards will be presented at the Camp Closing. The following are details of what will be inspected and the criteria used. The inspection sheets will be returned after final inspection along with your registration package.

  • Site Identification (10)
    The Guide Unit / Scout Troop occupying the site should be readily identifiable.
  • Theme (10)
    Earn extra points for incorporating the theme into your camp site. There may be a separate prize for Theme.
  • Site Layout (10)
    The site should be laid out in relation to normal weather, kitchen, tents, traffic patterns, natural terrain etc. Identification of site boundaries is desirable.
  • Special Projects (10)
    Earn extra points for camp gadgets.
  • Equipment Storage (20)
    Equipment such as axes, saws, rope etc. is to be stored either in containers in an organized manner or displayed ready for use. Trailers if on site should be appropriately located.
  • Garbage / Recycling (20)
    Garbage should be stored in suitable containers in such a way that it will make it difficult for animals to get into it. Provision should be made to have an area set aside and designated for the recycling of materials, specifically cans and bottles. These are to be taken home and recycled.
  • Water Storage / Disposal (20)
    Water should be available and stored in proper containers. Provision should be made for the filtering and disposed of the grey water in an appropriate location.
  • Food Storage – (20)
    Dry goods should be stored in proper containers, be clean and neatly organized. They should be protected from the elements and animals. Perishables are be stored in coolers with ice, be clean and neatly organized. They should be protected from the elements, especially sources of heat such as direct sunlight.
    • Stove / Lanterns / Fire Extinguishers (20)
      Stoves and lanterns should be clean and ready for use. If naphtha, the pressure should be released; if propane, the supply should be shut off. They should be stored safely. Fire extinguishing equipment, suitable for the combustibles on site, must be readily available.
    • Cleanliness (20)
      Site and tents should be clean. All equipment should be stored appropriate for the weather conditions and time of day. Personal gear should be stored correctly. There should be no food in tents. The inspection team will open some tents to inspect; if your unit/section does not want inspection inside the tents, inform camp staff, and your unit/section will not be included in the Site Inspections.
  • If your Section/Unit does not want to participate in Site Inspections, please indicate on your registration spreadsheet, on the Group Data tab, in the Notes field, that your section/unit wishes to “Opt Out of the Tidy Camper Awards”.